Vanilla Ninja Encore

When Vanilla Ninja rocked the charts with their first hit »Tough Enough« over 15 years ago, very few people would have expected that this would set the wheels in motion for a triumphant advance throughout Europe,
South America and Japan.

The first album »Traces Of Sadness« made it immediately to number 3 in the German charts and achieved platinum status not only in Germany but also in Switzerland and Austria. The band’s second album »Blue Tattoo« was also very successful in various countries and was duly credited with gold and platinum awards.

When the band came together again and performed at a benefit concert in 2019, the idea of a relaunch was quickly born! The bands frontwoman Lenna commented: »It just felt right to be back on stage again« and now two years later, the new album »Encore« has finally been completed.

Already with the first single release »Gotta Get It Right« it is evident that the band hasn’t lost any of its power or excitement. Nevertheless, the girls have matured in a number of ways and this is also reflected in their music. For example »No Regrets«, gives a positive impression with wonderful Irish-folk elements. Whereas with the song »Driving Through The Night«, there is an undertone of electronic sounds but without it appearing to be overloaded. The title track »Encore« is very much electronically based and is a song which cannot conceal its dance
influences and one which you would not expect to hear from Vanilla Ninja. In contrast, the band shows with the song »Incredible« that it also has a tender and sensual side and is an interesting layer of three compositions combined with wonderful harmony voices.

Briefly, the album shines with its enormous complexity! Vanilla Ninja are back… and how!!