PiretPiret Järvis was born on 6th February 1984 and like other members of the band, she was born in Tallinn. She isn’t the first child of her parents Maire and Anno, who 2 years earlier gave her older sister Mari. Her younger brother, Peeter, was born 4 years after her. “I was very happy that I was going to have a brother. Anyway, I don’t remember it well, but my mom told me that I liked to hug her belly and feel Peeter’s kicks” Piret told to Estonian magazine Kroonika. She admits that she didn’t have much money in her childhood, but she was very happy. From a child she was very talented in music. When she was 4 years old, Maire Järvis made her daughter go to a choir. For about 13 years Piret had been singing in choruses until she started playing in Vanilla Ninja. She went to the same school as Katrin Siska – 21st High School in Tallinn (one of the best schools in Estonia), where her grades were very good. “Yes… I had good marks, but Katrin had better.” “But we weren’t only interested in school” says Piret, who was interested in things like artistic meetings, actors meetings and poetic meetings. She learnt to play the piano and guitar for 5 years. Her favourite school subject was art history and the worst was physics. After school she was studying media at International University of Tallinn. She was also host of popular Estonian TV shows like “The Crazy World” and “SuveFizz”. Later, when her musical career got better, she started to host “Malaisia”, which was one of the most watched shows in Estonia. When Piret joined Vanilla Ninja she wrote almost all lyrics for the first album. Apart from when the manager from TopTen wanted to use his version of “Inner Radio”, Piret was against and stubbornly fought for group’s opinion. “In my opinion, when you make music, you have to make it with all heart and soul. If you are not convinced, that the melody sounds ideal, you have to make it better! That’s how the music of VN is, in every way for me” said Piret.

When somebody asked: “what was the saddest day of your life?” she answered: “When I had to say good-bye to Estonia. I’m a patriot. Honestly, I thought about leaving the band and without Lenna’s help, I would have left Vanilla Ninja. Then she said to me that if you want to go far you have to sacrifice yourself…” said Piret. And we can see that was a good decision. After the single “Tough Enough” the girls became famous all Europe. Piret already had many fans, who, like she says, are really important to her. After the release of “Blue Tattoo” it started to be difficult. “We wrote with Brandes for while, but he was doing everything by himself! It’s our music, not his!” because of that Piret and other girls said NO! to Bros Music and David Brandes. “Because Lenna and Katrin didn’t know much about this, I and our manager Sebastian Lang found a good contract with EMI MUSIC. Now we are pleased with everything! At last we have our own music, our own style” says Piret. When work with new album “Love Is War” started Piret with Lenna started to work hard for success of new album. When girls found out that “Love Is War” was number one in the charts they jumped of happiness. “When I got that message, I had never felt that happy in my life! Our work had paid off! Now I know that people appreciate our work. From “Dangerzone” a number of our fans grew up!” says Piret. During a break from music career Piret is working as Estonian’s MTV VJ and she writes some articles for Estonian magazine called “Woman”.


Nickname: Pirks, Pirku
Age: 22
Date of birth: 06.02.1984
Place of birth: Tallinn
Parents: Mother Maire; Father Enno
Siblings: Sister Mari and brother Peeter
Pets: She doesn’t have any yet
Eyes colour: Blue
Natural hair colour: Dark Blonde
Current hair colour: Blonde
Height: 170 cm
Hobby: Listening to the music, playing the guitar, South Park, shopping, wines, everything connected with Japan
Life’s motto: Everything is possible! What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger
Cuisine: Sushi and fish
Drink: Juices, Coca Cola
Music: Rock rules!
Music band: Lost Prophets, Funeral For A Friend, System Of A Down
Movie: Edward Scissorhands
Actor: Benicio Del Toro
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Car: Hummer, Jeep, Jaguar
City: Tallinn, Miami
Animal: She loves all apart from snakes and insects
Colour: Every day other
Season: Summer
Clothes brand: Fornarina, Nolita
Book: The Master and Margarita
Perfumes : Issey Miyake
Song from „Vanilla Ninja”: Inner Radio
Song from „Traces Of Sadness”: Liar, Though Enough
Song from „Blue Tattoo”: Just Another Day To Live
Song from „Love Is War”: Insane In Vain, Kingdom Burning Down, Rockstarz, there are so many that she can’t choose one 🙂
Songs: System Of A Down – “Aerials”
Slipknot – “Duality”
Silbermond – “Unendlich”
No Doubt – “Just A Girl”
Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
The Killers – “Mr Brightside”
Hoobastank – “Running Away”
Foo Fighters – “Best Of You”
The Cure – “Lullaby”
Bullet For My Valentine – “Tears Don’t Fall”

Lenna: When I met her, I was amazed by her hard work. She has the power that you can’t imagine. Piret is optimistic, usually it’s her who cheers us up when we’re sad, telling us what makes us stronger. She’s perfect, everything has to be how she planned. Sometimes I think that our fans like her the most, because she is always smiling and she has never refused to take a photo or to give an autograph. She’s fair and that’s why we love her!

Katrin: So many people think that Piret is a polite girl, but she can go crazy too. She’s talkative and easily meets new people. We love her, she’s perfect. Yeah, she’s a wise girl :)!


  • Her favourite music videos that VN have made are Blue Tattoo and Dangerzone