Katrin was born on 10th December 1983 in Tallinn – the capital of Estonia. She was the first child of her parents Leena and Toomas. Her younger sister Triin-Ketlin was born when Kati was seven. Although Katrin’s parents were crude (she had to back home before 9) she didn’t have bad memories of it because then she wasn’t interested in parties.

Katrin Siska was the top of her class at school. She said in one of interview: “In one class I was so furious when my grade in Maths was between 5 and 6 and my stupid teacher only gave me a 5”. However Katrin wasn’t only interested in school – she played tennis, swam, danced and later did extreme sports which she stills loves today. She had connection as belonged to various choruses, had been learning to play keyboards for 5 years, as well as piano, electric guitar and bass.

Katrin studied media quite early. She was a model but later became a member of Vanilla Ninja. Thanks to the Ninjas, many amusing things has happened to Katrin. One of them was when their first German fan contacted them – who turned out to be 70 years old! “That was in Koeln, when our first single has just been released and nobody knew us, but then he came up to us and said “Oo, it’s Vanilla Ninja!” We were not wearing make-up or our metal chains and we were just in T-shirts. He asked for an autograph, then he went and returned so we could sign more autographs for a friend. It was amazing!” However, the young star didn’t have much experience with friends: “Our friends do not support us anymore. Sad, but unfortunately true.”

When everything was fine, bad things started to happen – Maarja leaving and the frauds of David Brandes.

After Maarja lef the band, she said that the Ninjas did not have any feelings and Katrin said Maarja is a bad person to say that “She doesn’t realize that we are hard working and then she comments how happy she is, and others aren’t because they fall in love. Maybe she just doesn’t know what to do?”.

She was badly effected by the frauds of Brandes: “We were totally disappointed – He practically ruined everything we’ve made!”

Meanwhile, lady Siska got proposal to be host of program Pärlipeegel in estonian TV station TV3 and she didn’t deny. Program, devoted to fashion and beauty, has turned out to success and crew who was working with Katrin affirms accordingly that she’s a cheerful co-worker.

After Triinu left (who replaced Maarja) the fans hoped that Katrin would get some solo parts, but they were wrong. And that’s why Katrin’s voice is still a secret. However people say that: “Her voice beautiful, but not good enough to be on an album. But Katrin still works on it.”

Although Kati didn’t take a part in writing lyrics or composing music for Vanilla Ninja, it doesn’t mean she is less talented than Lenna and Piret… She plays keyboard and piano, guitar (acoustic, classic and electric) and bass guitar. Plus, since she was 13 she has kept diaries and one day she plans to publish them as a book which will describe adventures of the band. She speaks perfect German, English and Russian. She learnt Russian because of her mother who comes from there. Katrin said that when she is on the phone to her mother she likes to talk to her in Russian, because people who are listening in can’t understand what she’s saying.

Katrin Siska is said to be the most joyful girl in the group, and for many also the sexiest.

Katrin is the most athletic Ninja in the band, she always checks when arriving at a hotel to if there is a swimming pool or fitness studio and sauna. She often changes the sports she does because as she says she’s just a changeable girl, she needs 5 different things because each of them gives her different kinds of emotions. Animals are other element of her life – dog Richie, cat Juss (4-5 years), parrot Mr. Grey (8 years) and rabbit Minni. A few years ago Felix died– Katrin’s red Persian – which was her closest animal because she got him when she was six years old from her dad. She has lived with him 17 years and she said: He was total sweetheart and had great heart!”


Nickname: Kati, Kats, Barney, Suslik
Age: 23
Date of birth: 10.12.1983
Place of birth: Tallinn
Parents: Mother Leena; father Toomas
Siblings: Sister Triin-Ketlin
Pets: Cat Juss, rabbit Minni, parrot Mr. Grey, dog Richie
Eyes colour: Grey
Natural hair colour: Blonde
Current hair colour: Blonde
Height: 173 cm
Hobby: Sport, TV programmes, photography, fasion, books, cars
Life’s motto: Only the strong would survive!
Cuisine: See fruits, fish, Spanish cuisines
Drink: Green tea, juices, Smoothies
Music: Rock, Metal, R&B
Music band: Guano Apes, Slipknot, 4LYN, Limp Bizkit, Korn
Movie: Sin City, The Beach
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Penelope Cruz
Car: Cadillac Escalade, Hummer, Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes
City: Tallinn
Animal: Tiger
Colour: Gold, Brown, White, Black, Red
Clothes brand: Fornarina, Nolita, Diesel, Mauritius, Buffalo
Song from “Vanilla Ninja”: Why?
Song from “Traces Of Sadness”: Liar, Matal Queen
Song from “Blue Tattoo”: Never Gotta Know
Song from “Love Is War”: Rockstarz, Dangerzone, Insane In Vain
Favourite songs: Limp Bizkit – Build Bridge, Almost Over
Losprophets – Last Train Home
Foo Fighters – Best Of You
4LYN – Lyn
Puddle of Mudd – Control
The Streets – Blinded By The Lights
Clawfinger – Do What I Say
Chemical Brothers – Close Your Eyes

Lenna: Lenna: When we’re in really bad mood, Katrin pinches our bottoms. She amuses everybody and makes funny jokes. She’s our keyboarder and always dances in really funny way behind her keyboards. It’s always funny with her. Ah yes, she loves cars. She’s a car fanatic. She reads lots of books about motorization.

Piret: She’s cheerful, sweet and frantic girl. She’s the most athletic and healthiest in group. We have known each other for a really long time. As far as I remember, Katrin was a good student at school and was very popular. Kati hates liars, jealous people and false people. Her perfect boyfriend should have tattoos, should be funny and good at skiing.


  • Her favorite food is soup
  • Katrin is 1,73m tall
  • Her sister is salso a model
  • Her favorite films are Sin City and The Beach
  • She has a driving license
  • She has piercing and tattoos
  • Her favorite part of the day is morning (“because a new day has come and I can plan lots of things”)