Charlene Rennit was born on 7th May, 1987. She is the singer of a song called “Whatever You Say”, which she performed on Eurolaul 2004 – Estonian pre-selections of Eurovision. Rennit didn’t win though. For some time she had been trying to write articles for a women’s magazine. In 2004, Maarja Kivi left the band. The other 3 girls decided to be a trio while they didn’t know anything about band’s future. David Brandes suggested finding a new band member while fans were waiting for a choice: is Triinu Kivilaan (15 that time), or Charlene Rennit (17 that time) going to join the group. Charlene and Lenna had been singing together since the childhood in ETV’s kids choir and their voices suited perfectly. In Estonian magazine “Postimees” they said: “We also tried singing with all of the band and we sounded well together as well.” For SL Õhtuleht Charlene said that Lenna offered her a place in the band and showed Brandes her photos. The following day she flew to Germany. She said that her voice is strong, but she had to change her look. She’d fit better in Atomic Kitten. She sang “Don’t Go Too Fast” for Brandes and she was given a guitar to check how she would rock on the stage. She definitely knew that she was the person Brandes was searching for, but… she didn’t know what choice would be the best for her, because with Vanilla Ninja she would be very popular whereas a solo career would be very risky. Also, she didn’t know which music style would be the best for her solo career. Triinu (on the last picture) looked almost exactly like Maarja, but they still had an option to stay as a 3 member group.
SL Õhtuleht asked: “Is Charlene another artist going to be in the band only for the producers?”. Charlene answered that she needs someone to help her, but she admitted that it’s only an advantage that she’s not an experienced artist. If they choose Triinu, the girls won’t have to change their image. Charlene: “There’s no need to make a fuss when I’m not what they need.” In that time period she wanted to finish school and it was the main reason for choosing not to join VN.
At the time, Piret reminded herself that she knows someone who looks much like Maarja – Triinu Kivilaan. “I didn’t know that I was competing with Charlene. She’s hard to beat. Apart from this – she is a very good singer.” – said Triinu Kivilaan. “Of course, they didn’t tell me that I am out of the band, so I still have a little hope. I didn’t record anything with VN, but I did some myself. It seems that my voice is even good for them.” replied Triinu. From the beginning, Triinu had bigger chances to join the group. It was generally because of her look and approval as a singer, which was alike that of Maarja Kivi who left the group. Apart from that she had contacts with TopTen Records. The VN girls had a very difficult problem with choosing Charlene, who sings well, but who can’t be ninja styled or Triinu, who couldn’t sing so good, didn’t play bass guitar, but played piano and saxophone and looked like Maarja. Finally Triinu joined the group, but left one and a half year later.