From January 1st 2011 Estonia is a member of the Eurozone. That’s a big achievement for such a little country, especially because Estonia was the only country that joined the Eurozone this year. Estonian kroons had been withdrawn from use and replaced with European Union’s currency on the same day as the beginning of the […]

R2 Aastahitt 2010 and Elmar Aastahitt 2010

Raadio 2 Aastahitt 2010 is already over. Now we can present you the results that had been announced on January 5th 2011, during the Aastahitt gala. 4 of Lenna’s songs had found their place in this chart: 8. Lenna Kuurmaa – Rapunzel (358 votes) 9. Ott Lepland & Lenna Kuurmaa – Sinuni (309 votes) 24. […]

Jüri Üdi klubi video

On December 20th 2010, Lenna was a guest in Jüri Üdi klubi TV program played on ETV-2. She sang 2 songs – Sügisöösel venna ukse taga (by Siim Aimla/Juhan Viiding) and Realistliku ingli laul (by Martin Laksberg/Juhan Viiding). The drummer from her band, Reigo Ahven, was there with her in order to accompany her on drums. Watch the video here. […]