Vanilla Ninja pasirodymas atšauktas
8th of July 2012 | Posted in Uncategorized by Dan (VN-LT-fan)

Su dideliu liūdesiu turime pranešti, kad Vanilla Ninja pasirodymas festivalyje “Pestivals” Rygoje, Latvijoje atšaukiamas.

Žemiau galite paskaityti pranešimą spaudai iš  Oficialaus Vanilla Ninja Facebook puslapio

With a big disappointment we have to announce that our 10th anniversary concert at the Pestivals festival in Riga on July 28th had to be cancelled because we could not reach an agreement with the organizers.

We were very excited to perform together after a 3 year long break and therefore feel extremely sad to announce this news.

As the decision to cancel the show was made only yesterday we haven´t had a chance to plan and decide if there will be a replacement gig to celebrate our birthday but we´ll try to figure something out as soon as possible. We´ll keep you updated on that matter.


Vanilla Ninja



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