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Poll results: Expectations from Vanilla Ninja in 2012

All of us hope that Vanilla Ninja will release new material next year. We wanted to know what your opinion about this important topic was so in February we created a poll with the following question: “Do you believe that Vanilla Ninja will release new music next year?“. We have gotten 200 votes in this […]

Back to the past: Rare video of Vanilla Ninja

This rare video was one of the first Vanilla Ninja performances in Germany at “Big Brother” show back in 2004. They’re performing “Don’t Go Too Fast” song. Have you seen this video before and would you like the idea to continue “Back to the past” rubric in the news? Please say your opinion in comments. […]

Sven Lõhmus about Lenna

The first producer of Vanilla Ninja Sven Lõhmus has made an interesting statement about Lenna’s singing career. “I remember when Vanilla Ninja began their career, Lenna was a shy and quiet girl who was only brave enough to be a vocal support to Maarja. However, this has changed over time and she has now become […]