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Piret admits: the stage has never been a place where I felt at home

To be honest, I have extremely weak nerves while on stage. – admits Piret, who is still associated with the Vanilla Ninja band by many. I get myself into swivet before all public appearances, and it feels like ground is shaking under my feet, heart is trying to jump out of my chest and I […]

Vanilla Ninja @ Tähelaev

On November 10th 2013 ETV emitted the TV show “Tähelaev” fully devoted to the figure of the famous Estonian music producer – Sven Lõhmus. Piret Järvis was the host of the show and Lenna Kuurmaa and Katrin Siska were invited to the studio as guests to talk about their co-operation with Sven. You can watch […]

Öölaulupidu Järjepidevus

On Monday, August 19th 2013, Lenna Kuurmaa performed at Öölaulupidu Järjepidevus – an event celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Estonia’s reclamation of independence. The celebrations took place in Tartu and lasted for over 5 hours. Lenna sang 4 songs: “Mina jään” , during which she was accompanied by Mihkel Raud, “Sinuni” in duet with Ott […]

Piret at Rock Summer 25

On June 14th 2013 Piret Järvis and Jüri Muttika were guests of ETV’s breakfast program “Terevisioon” . They spoke mostly about the festival Rock Summer 25 that was to start on June 15th 2013. Heidy and me are interviewing famous and wonderful people while Muttika is reporting. – Piret explained the division of duties. Terevisioon’s […]