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Lenna in Mongolia

In the morning of August 27th Lenna, together with 9 other adventure-thriving Estonians, flew from Tallinn to Mongolia to take part in a 13-days-long trip organized by Roy Strider and Fix Ideed Estonia. The trip’s route lead from Tallinn, through Moscow, Ulan Bator, Mörön, Tsagaan Nuur, to the heart of taiga, where travelers spent 4 […]

Christmas charity

It is almost Christmas, and Christmas time every year means a lot of charity actions. Lenna Kuurmaa tries her best to get involved in as many of them as possible, not only during Christmas time, as throughout the year she is involved in co-operation with the Estonian foundation Minu Unistuste Päev, which she also is […]

Suvehommik Setumaal

Just a moment ago the band Lenna introduced their newest official video to the second single from their upcoming album, “Suvehommik Setumaal”. Perfect gift from the band for Christmas! Lenna – Suvehommik Setumaal Composed by: Robert Vaigla/Lenna Kuurmaa Band: Tõnis Kivisild, Pent Järve, Madis Muul, Reigo Ahven, Maarja Aarma ja Lenna Kuurmaa Video made by: […]

Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt – grand final

In the final episode of the show, that took place in Saku Suurhall, Lenna performed a duet with Piret Krumm. They impersonated sisters, Ele ja Kaja Kõlar, and sang two of their songs – “Simmanipolka” and “Naerusuu”. Lenna Kuurmaa & Piret Krumm – Simmanipolka & Naerusuu Uploaded by bigproblem11 Lenna Kuurmaa and Piret Krumm @ […]