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Lenna’s interview for Laupäevaleht

In her latest interview for Laupäevaleht, Lenna Kuurmaa spoke about Christmas atmosphere, tour plans, and also her reaction to the recent anxious daily news, as well as her view on the subject of upcoming elections. Together with my whole family we have obviously been following news and events from around the world. Bad news do not bypass you after all. Sometimes […]

Lenna performed for Estonian Defence Forces

Over a month ago Lenna Kuurmaa and her band gave a concert for guard batalion’s conscripts, that were going to be moved to reserve soon after, and got acquainted with their everyday life and equipment. Audience consisting of members of the defence forces is always serious and a bit hard to break, let’s say. However, […]

Eesti aasta ettevõtja 2014

In November Lenna Kuurmaa and Tanel Padar performed together at the annual Eesti aasta ettevõtja (eng. Estonian enterpreneur of the year) gala that took place in Swissôtel in Tallinn. Their repertoire consisted of two songs: “Jõesäng” and “Deja Vu”. You can watch the performance by playing the video below (it starts about 2:10:00) and view the pictures from […]

Lenna’s interview for Castanet

Two months ago Bruce Atkinson did a Moonland-themed interview with Lenna Kuurmaa for a Canadian website Castanet. Read it below to find some more information about Lenna’s input in the Moonland project, Vanilla Ninja and a few other interesting aspects. If you read my interview with the President of Frontiers Records, you will recall that […]

Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt

On Sunday, November 2nd 2014, Kristel Aaslaid will impersonate Lenna Kuurmaa on the TV3’s show “Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt” (eng. Your face sounds familiar). Kristel drew Lenna out during last episode of the program (look at the picture HERE), and she chose to perform singer’s famous song “Rapunzel” in Eesti Laul 2010 arrangement. Watch the […]