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Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival

On November 28th 2014 Lenna, together with Tanel Padar and Mart Sander, performed at the Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival award ceremony that took place in Nordea Kontserdimaja in Tallinn. Her repertoire included “Blue Moon”, originally sang by The Boswell Sisters, and “Tüdruk Ipanemast” (eng. Girl from Ipanema”) mostly known for being performed by Frank Sinatra. You […]


Virgo Haan, a well-known Estonian photographer and graphic designer, invited 12 Estonian artists, including Lenna Kuurmaa, to take part in his newest project “Hääleproov”, which aim was to show how artists actually trained their voices before perfomances. The 3D-exhibition is located in Solaris Cinema and Apollo Bookstore in Tallinn. If you want to hear how […]

Lenna and Karl-Erik Taukar in Terevisioon

Two weeks ago Lenna Kuurmaa and Karl-Erik Taukar, who at that time were kicking-off their joint Christmas tour with the four-part band led by Reigo Ahven, were guests on ETV’s morning show “Terevisioon”. We are a very good match, this is the reason why we are together here and on the concert tour. During the […]

Lenna’s interview for Raadio Elmar

Last month Raadio Elmar did a short phone-interview with Lenna, during which she spoke mostly about her and Karl-Erik Taukar’s Christmas tour. Raadio Elmar’s listeners got to know how the idea of the co-operation between those two had been born, what songs were to be performed throughout the tour, and what musicians would join Lenna and […]