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Raul Vaigla wrote a song for Lenna’s daughter

Raul Vaigla, the father of Lenna’s partner Robert Vaigla, released his new album “Heights” at the end of April. One of the tracks on the CD is called “Ami”.  The instrumental titled “Ami” is devoted to my son’s daughter. It’s a bit low mood mazourka from beginning to the end, just like Ami is nice […]

Lenna’s second daughter’s name revealed!

If you forget about me, let it be so. I will look for a new job and profession. – says Lenna Kuurmaa, for whom there is currently nothing more important than being a mother. Lenna says that in her family there is no established Mother’s Day tradition. She is given flowers, everyone eats cake and […]

Minu Unistuste Päev

After Lenna Kuurmaa had become the patron of the Minu Unistuste Päev foundation in November 2014, we got really inspired by their work and decided to get involved in their cause. We are happy to share with you an interview with the foundation’s director and co-founder, Marianne Bruhn, who told us a lot about their work and co-operation […]