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Katrin has ended her co-operation with Jana Kask

Rumours about the end of Katrin Siska and Jana Kask’s co-operation have been floating around for quite some time already. They have been confirmed today after Katrin Siska officialy announced the end of the co-operation between her and Jana. Unfortunately, I was Jana Kask’s fifth manager. Our co-operation was difficult and ended the same way […]

Katrin became Jana Kask’s manager and stylist

A musician and Lindakivi Kultuurikeskus’ director Katrin Siska (28), who just graduated from the university, can not take some time off from the work because apart from the existing duties she has, she has started doing something else which is new and engaging to her. Namely, in May she became Jana Kask’s manager. Jana Kask […]


As all of you know, this year Vanilla Ninja is celebrating its 10th anniversary on July 28th 2012 during the festival Pestivals in Riga, Latvia. Vanilla Ninja’s official Facebook page organized a contest for those of you who are willing to come to Riga but still do not have tickets. CONTEST: If you really really […]

Exclusive statement from BRI to

Are you happy about Vanilla Ninja’s performance at the festival “Pestivals” in Riga, Latvia? Well, that’s not over, we have more great news!  Today we got an official statement about Vanilla Ninja from Broken Records International A.S. The quote is given below. Broken Records International S.A. Statement Santiago, Chile | April 2012 Good day! We […]