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Two weeks ago, the singer Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest on a TV show “Lastetuba” and programme’s hosts surprised her with a cool video, which was a recording of Lenna’s “Laulukarussell” performance from 1993. During that concert Lenna sang “Jälle sajab” and talked about how she had taken part in a song contest in Finland […]

Lenna and Karl-Erik Taukar in Terevisioon

Two weeks ago Lenna Kuurmaa and Karl-Erik Taukar, who at that time were kicking-off their joint Christmas tour with the four-part band led by Reigo Ahven, were guests on ETV’s morning show “Terevisioon”. We are a very good match, this is the reason why we are together here and on the concert tour. During the […]

Lenna’s interview for Raadio Elmar

Last month Raadio Elmar did a short phone-interview with Lenna, during which she spoke mostly about her and Karl-Erik Taukar’s Christmas tour. Raadio Elmar’s listeners got to know how the idea of the co-operation between those two had been born, what songs were to be performed throughout the tour, and what musicians would join Lenna and […]

Lenna’s interview for Laupäevaleht

In her latest interview for Laupäevaleht, Lenna Kuurmaa spoke about Christmas atmosphere, tour plans, and also her reaction to the recent anxious daily news, as well as her view on the subject of upcoming elections. Together with my whole family we have obviously been following news and events from around the world. Bad news do not bypass you after all. Sometimes […]

Piret admits: the stage has never been a place where I felt at home

To be honest, I have extremely weak nerves while on stage. – admits Piret, who is still associated with the Vanilla Ninja band by many. I get myself into swivet before all public appearances, and it feels like ground is shaking under my feet, heart is trying to jump out of my chest and I […]