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Lenna about the pregnancy

Recently, during the interview for Raadio Elmar, Lenna said the the pregnancy did not influence her singing’s skills, however it made her calmer and more cheerful. If you consider the everyday’s being, I am more relaxed, I do not get upset and I am peaceful about what is around and above me. – Naisteleht quotes Lenna’s words. When […]

Lenna about the national anthem of Estonia

The singer Lenna Kuurmaa believes that the word “God” contained in the third strophe of the national anthem of Estonia does not have to be changed because this song and its words are so beautiful that they should stay untouched. I think that God and religion are not irrelevant because, all in all, we all […]

Event at the Solaris centrum

In December Solaris Centrum in Tallinn had organized a charity action which aim was to gather the money to build the new playgrounds for children in Tallinn. Lenna Kuurmaa had been the patron of this action and through the whole month customers of the Solaris Centrum could have heard an advertisement during which she had […]

Piret’s interview for Anne & Stiil

Piret Järvis remembers touring with Vanilla Ninja: Help, I didn’t want it! I wanted to go home! Many Vanilla Ninja fans still wonder why the band dissapeared from the top of the music business. Now Piret Järvis gives an answer in the interview for Anne & Stiil where she speaks about homesickness and the wish […]

Lenna: I was thinking of leaving the role for someone else!

Lenna Kuurmaa – a singer, an actress and a model, recently showed an absolutely new face to the audience in her homeland- in the name of art she had agreed to play a role in the Finnish film “Vuosaari” directed by Aku Louhimies, where she had had to take part in the nude scene. During […]