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Lenna’s interview for Õhtuleht

Robert and I have discovered that we co-operate very well together. We had a good opportunity to peacefully write songs together, without forcing anything. I even dare to say that the next album will for sure contain fruit of our collaboration. – Lenna shares her future plans. Although she can occasionally be seen on the […]

“Teine” – CD of the week in Raadio 2

From November 18th until November 25th 2013 Lenna’s newest album “Teine” was the CD of the week in Raadio 2 show “Pleier”. Every day from Monday to Friday at 16:00, “Pleier” listeners could have listened to the series of interviews with Lenna Kuurmaa and Mihkel Raud. They spoke about their co-operation, creation process of some […]

Fully translated interview with Lenna from Anne&Stiil

Love defeats all. The transformations of Lenna Kuurmaa have happened right in front of our eyes, first she grew from a Vanilla Ninja girl to one of the most professionally respected singers of Estonia and now time is ripe for new adventures. Lenna has become a devoted mother. In the world of pop music, there […]

Lenna and Robi finally reveal the name of their daughter!

Lenna Kuurmaa and Robert Vaigla told magazine Anne&Still that their daughter Ami had been born at the beginning of March with the help of the emergency caesarean section. When the ceasarean section’s anesthesia started to work, I was completely panicked. – says Lenna. I could not understand anything. There were tears in my eyes and I was weeping. Then […]

Lenna’s radio interview during “Siin me oleme”

At night of March 2nd 2013 Lenna Kuurmaa and Robert Vaigla’s daughter was born into their family and since then the fresh parents have not been seen publicly and not much has been heard about their activities. Today Lenna was a “telephone” guest on Raadio 2 show “Siin me oleme” and she told the show’s […]

Piret at Rock Summer 25

On June 14th 2013 Piret Järvis and Jüri Muttika were guests of ETV’s breakfast program “Terevisioon” . They spoke mostly about the festival Rock Summer 25 that was to start on June 15th 2013. Heidy and me are interviewing famous and wonderful people while Muttika is reporting. – Piret explained the division of duties. Terevisioon’s […]