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Lenna’s second daughter’s name revealed!

If you forget about me, let it be so. I will look for a new job and profession. – says Lenna Kuurmaa, for whom there is currently nothing more important than being a mother. Lenna says that in her family there is no established Mother’s Day tradition. She is given flowers, everyone eats cake and […]

Become an owner of Stig Rästa’s amazing keyboard

We are more than sure that most of you remember Vanilla Ninja’s second keyboardist Stig Rästa, who in the recent years became one of the most successful and recognized music producers in Estonia. Not only was he a keyboardist in Vanilla Ninja, but also co-operated with girls on other different occasions, for example, composing “Like a kid”, which […]

Fully translated interview with Lenna from Anne&Stiil

Love defeats all. The transformations of Lenna Kuurmaa have happened right in front of our eyes, first she grew from a Vanilla Ninja girl to one of the most professionally respected singers of Estonia and now time is ripe for new adventures. Lenna has become a devoted mother. In the world of pop music, there […]