What happens when you change the course of your life overnight and turn everything you have known and have been familiar with, upside down?
The singer Lenna Kuurmaa, who conquered the charts and hearts with her music, during the first corona-spring in Tallinn packed her suitcases and her family – husband Lauri, daughters Ami and Matilda and decided overnight to move before the pandemic to the farthest corner of Estonia, the eastern border of the European Union, to Setomaa. To the house that was not yet ready for year-round living. There are other characters involved in the story of this family, to which the son Kusti was also born – the local community, the fox, chickens and roosters, goats, hedgehogs, birds and many, many others. In this book, the beloved singer tells the story of the growth of her attachment to Setomaa and hopes to inspire you, dear reader.

The book is available for pre-order on Apollo.ee (worldwide shipping), Varrak.ee (shipping within Estonia only) and JES Kirjastus (also shipping just within Estonia). The premiere is set for May 13th 2022.