Vanilla Ninja announced on March 4th that joining them as the new ninja was singer Kerli Kivilaan. Kerli says that as a child she was a Vanilla Ninja fan herself – after all, Triinu Kivilaan, band’s former member, is her older sister. I was a big fan, of course. I remember that when Triinu joined the ninjas, it was a huge sensation in our hometown of Viljandi. At that moment she was our window to the big world of entertainment – we could only listen with amazement to how awesome her life was. – Kerli tells Õhtuleht.

Vanilla Ninja’s new member Kerli Kivilaan admits that the offer to join the band came to her rather as a surprise, but she did not need much time to think. Actually, it was very simple – Piret called me and asked if I would consider coming to Vanilla Ninja. Although it came a bit as a surprise, I was on board with this idea from the first moment and gave the answer already the very next day. – the fresh ninja describes how she received the offer to join the band.

Has joining the band affected the woman’s life and how? At the moment joining the band is not affecting my way of life to a great extent, but it still takes a lot of time and thought. From time to time we will travel to Germany to record songs and we can record and shoot videos also in Estonia. It is especially convenient now, that the three of us live here. – she says.

Two weeks ago, a new music video to Vanilla Ninja’s song „Encore” was released. It was especially warmly welcomed by the fans mostly because it showed the identity of the new Vanilla Ninja member for the first time. Although on social media many had already been speculating about Kerli Kivilaan being the new ninja, the truth was revealed just when the band’s fresh music video premiered on YouTube.

Kerli says that the cooperation with the bandmates, as well as the other crew members, ran smoothly and cheerfully. We cooperate very well. The „Encore” shooting days were absolutely awesome – it is great to work with such young videographers as Eskobros, they have fresh ideas and directions. – she says.

According to Kivilaan, the song is quite up-to-date with the current situation. The listener can interpret it differently, but for me it is about the desire to return to normal life after difficult times. I believe that everyone can relate to this to some extent at the moment. – she describes the song.

At the end of February, Vanilla Ninja announced there were significant changes happening in their lineup. Keyboard player Katrin Siska and singer and bass player Triinu Kivilaan decided to leave the band that had reunited last year and had released a new album after a 15-years-long break.

Source: Õhtuleht

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