Vanilla Ninja’s new music video reveals the band’s refreshed lineup

Tonight at 5 p.m. (CET), Vanilla Ninja’s music video to the song „Encore” will reach YouTube, revealing the band’s new lineup.

Last week, Vanilla Ninja reported there were important changes happening among their members. Singer and bass player, Triinu Kivilaan, and keyboard player, Katrin Siska, announced their departure. Instead, a recognized Estonian singer will take their place in the band. Her identity will be revealed tonight, at 5 p.m., when the new video premieres on YouTube.

If you cannot wait till the evening, you can already listen to the song on Spotify, for example, and try guessing by the voice who this mysterious new member is. – suggests Piret Järvis-Milder, the band’s vocalist and guitarist.

The song „Encore” is the last single from Vanilla Ninja’s comeback album of the same name, which was released last year and got very well received by fans all over the world. However, due to the changes within the band, the musicians recorded a new version of the song.

Although the dance „Encore” is stylistically very different from Vanilla Ninja’s previous creations, surprisingly, the album’s title track became the big fan favourite and the band’s supporters have been waiting and demanding an „Encore” video for a long time. – says the band’s lead vocalist, Lenna Kuurmaa.

The video to the song was made by the hottest directors in Estonia at the moment, Raul and Romet Esko, known as Eskobros. This is without a doubt our most epic video (until the next one). – say Raul and Romet.

We are more than happy with the video. We had the great honour of working with the geniuses of the younger generation. – adds Piret. What came out of it is the most ninja video in our band’s 20-year history!

Vanilla Ninja is an Estonian band that came together in 2002 and gained great popularity in such countries alongside Estonia as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland in the early 2000’s. The band’s second album, „Traces of Sadness”, reached 3rd place in the official album sales chart in Germany and went platinum not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Their comeback album „Encore”, released last year, reached 13th place in the German album sales chart. „Encore” came out also in Brazil.