“Aastahitt” is the end-of-the-year music chart held annually by Estonian Raadio 2. Its aim is to select the best 40 domestic and foreign songs from each year. Top 3 artists are usually presented with their awards during a ceremonial gala.
To vote go to: www.aastahitt.ee and in the left column under “Vali Eesti lemmikud” find Vanilla Ninja – No Regrets and click “vali”. If you want to vote for other Vanilla Ninja’s songs that were released this year, you have to write the title yourself under the column. Under “Soovita lugu” write Vanilla Ninja in “kirjuta artisti nimi” and the song title in “kirjuta laulu nimi”. Then, to send your vote, write your name in “Eesnimi”, surname in “Perekonnanimi”, e-mail in “e-posti aadress” and click “hääleta”. To verify your vote you will be asked to click on one of the three pictures, it is suggested that you use a translator to find out which one is correct. You can vote every 6 hours until 30th of December! Let’s help the girls get back on top where they belong!