12 songs, 12 questions and 4 ninjas | About tears, dangerous nights and faith: regrets do not push forward.

12 different tracks from Vanilla Ninja’s new album „Encore” inspired us to ask questions related to the song titles in order to find out what makes Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Järvis-Milder, Katrin Siska and Triinu Kivilaan’s eyes water, when they last felt wonderful and when was the last time they regretted anything. Put their new record on and read, as it turns out that, for example, one of them became a school chef for a week…

1. Gotta Get It Right

When was the last time you felt „it has to succeed” and did it succeed [after all]?

Piret: This thought sums up the ninjas’ comeback very well. In fact, throughout this whole time, we had been planning our comeback, it always seemed like maybe it was too much to take on and too complicated to restart the whole machinery. Taking into account that, for example, everyone has families, their own jobs and activities and that we live very far from each other. But the fact is that our album „Encore” is now officially out and it came as a big surprise to us that we were actually able to do it!

Triinu: There are a lot of these things every day that bring you this feeling, even just at work… This is why it is hard to point each of them out individually. But, of course, the biggest successes came to me at work. And in music. Vanilla Ninja’s comeback is also a great success that I could not have even expected.

Lenna: Last week, when I took it upon myself to help at the local school as a cook, as the school chef fell ill. I had to feed 85 people. Yes, it was a success!

Katrin: When I started training our little naughty puppy boy and he has become a young reasonable puppy over time.

2. No Regrets

When was the last time you regretted something? Do you remember any situation when at first you regretted something but then understood it was unnecessary?

Piret: At the moment I regret eating a profiterole after the meal. It would have been healthier to avoid dessert!

Triinu: I do not really regret anything, all situations and decisions happen for a reason and bring experience. Does not matter whether it was a positive or a negative event.

Lenna: Regret is a feeling I do not necessarily feel. It is a feeling that does not push forward. I try to live my life without regrets. However, sometimes I still tend to doubt my actions or capabilities, when I seem to have made too many commitments. When I am tired, a slight regret creeps in, which later turns out to be unnecessary. And then sometimes this effort and going the extra mile gives back so much more, so from time to time it is worth it to put yourself to the test and step out of the comfort zone.

Katrin: There still are some regrets. I will give typical examples in the form of our puppy – only recently I regretted that the new sofa had not been covered and the dog immediately scratched it. I also regretted buying a harness for the dog instead of a collar, fearing that it would be uncomfortable but it turned out to be the best solution to control the energetic staffy while walking.

3. The Reason Is You

Do you know if you have been an example for someone or inspiration on their way of life?

Piret: I have received a few very moving letters from the fans that spoke about how the lyrics written by me had helped them through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. And I think they have been some of the most beautiful compliments I have ever received in my life.

Katrin: Yes, so many fans, new acquaintances from abroad, even a few wonderful Estonian celebrities confessed that to me. It always warms my heart.

Lenna: According to the letters from the fans and admirers, one could think that I am and it makes me really happy!

4. Driving Through The Night

Do you remember the nights and adventures that happened in the car or tour bus?

Piret: I can now recall one night from the beginnings of our band when Katrin had just got her driver’s license and drove us back from a concert. But there was a terrible snowstorm outside, so bad that the visibility was only about 5 meters. And so we toiled through the storm at an average speed of 40 km/h until, at one moment, we realized we were driving in the opposite direction for some time! Fortunately, everything went well because the night was super stormy and it seemed like no one else was driving on the roads but us.

Triinu: I remember lying down in the backseat as a child, when travelling with my grandmother, and every time I noticed a falling star, I made a wish. And I looked for those stars specifically to get as many wishes as possible.

Lenna: There were so many kilometres driven through Germany and memories with our former tour manager Sebastian that it is hard to pick just one colourful adventure. I remember that Sebastian used to laugh over the fact that whenever he drove 220 km/h (or even faster) on a highway, I usually fell asleep in the backseat.

Katrin: Oh, I spent quite a few nights on both driving and touring with the band. The craziest memory that pops into my mind straight away is how we drove in the mocking darkness to a ski resort high in the Austrian Alps with our Volkswagen tour bus that had no studded tires, and we started silently sliding back on the icy road while our tour manager told horror stories! There was this small fear that maybe we could fall from a high mountain into the abyss and that would be the end of the story…

5. Faith

What do you believe in?

Piret: I believe in love and goodness. If you are good to yourself and others, then you have already done a lot to make the world a better place and in my opinion, it should be everyone’s goal.

Triinu: I believe that whatever you do to others, comes back to you three times over. Karma! And of course [I believe] in myself!

Lenna: In the power of primitive nature, love, my family and children, goodness. As our famous song says: „If you believe in yourself, then you believe in the people, in the wisdom of the farms… then you will get a better life…”

Katrin: In the higher power of the Universe.

6. I Miss You Like Hell

When was the last time you felt that you were missing someone like hell and who was it?

Piret: Recently was the first night I slept separately from my daughter. And even though it was the first night in over a year when I had the opportunity to sleep undisturbed, without anyone waking me up in the meantime, the longing for my child kept me up half the night!

Triinu: My family!

Lenna: Lately, I have not had to be away from my dear people for a longer period of time. However, corona-times caused great longing for travel, movement and world discovery.

Katrin: During the first outbreak of corona, I could not meet my loved ones face-to-face for a very long time and it was very difficult.

7. Waterfalls

While listening to which song/watching which movie you cannot keep your eyes dry and what triggers the waterfalls?

Piret: My husband wrote some very beautiful songs about me and I cried every time he first played them to me. For example, Egert’s song „U” is one of them.

Triinu: If I [cry while I] listen to the song, then definitely [it is] the „Pearl Harbour” soundtrack – „Tennessee”. And there are a lot of movies… I am rather emotional and compassionate, so I can shed tears during every moment of a film.

Lenna: Oh, there are a lot of those movies. I am a crybaby.

Katrin: In September, I went to the cinema to watch the Estonian movie „On The Water” – it was a real tear-jerker. I do not remember the last time I was affected by a film so much. A powerful experience and a very good movie, with outstanding actors.

8. Encore

Is there anything you would like to experience or enjoy once again, the same way you did in childhood or youth?

Piret: I often miss the excitement of my youth. For example, the excitement of hearing a song or a band that fascinates you so much that you just cannot live without it! Quite the same craze is not so much fun later on.

Triinu: Yes, there is… It would be so good to watch mom at home in the morning once again, how she was working in the garden and how I went to take the eggs from the chickens in the barn.

Lenna: Maybe that carefree existence, not having to be responsible for anything or anyone other than yourself and your actions.

Katrin: I actually experience and enjoy my wonderful childhood memories every time I visit my parents. Mom and Dad can always welcome me warmly and that is the best.

9. Incredible

Describe the last time you felt wonderful.

Piret: Now that there have been some warm, sunny and golden autumn days, I have really been enjoying walking outside, being in the moment and feeling absolutely wonderful, because it has felt so good to [just] be!

Triinu: I am lucky to feel wonderful often. Thanks to my partner and children that appreciate and care for me.

Lenna: The day before yesterday, in the forest, with beautiful autumn weather.

Katrin: This weekend, when my partner and I laughed at the nonsense committed by our son and puppy.

10. The Look In Your Eyes

What is the one thing that always makes your eyes shine?

Piret: For example, cashew milk with cocoa. One [cup of] cocoa every day of my life, it is my ritual that really brightens the mood.

Triinu: My eyes shine when I am listening to music, when the sun is shining, when I know that my loved ones are all right and when many of my wishes come true. I enjoy the little things.

Lenna: My children!

Katrin: A smile, a hug, a compliment and fun time spent together!

11. Say It Loud

Estonians are said to be bad at expressing their feelings. When was the last time you had a hard time speaking your mind?

Piret: It is hard for me to tell my one-year-old daughter what I mean because at the moment we still speak completely different languages. I speak Estonian but she answers in a charmingly flowing, but absolutely incomprehensible dialect.

Katrin: I will not tell you.

Lenna: VANILLA NINJA IS BACK! Long live girl power!

Triinu: Since I am a typical Capricorn and more of a rebel, I have to say I have no problem expressing my opinion. On the contrary! If I had to keep everything in and restrain myself… I would have already had stomach cancer!

12. It Ain’t You

Did you ever end a relationship by saying „it ain’t you, it’s me”?

Piret: I do not remember ever using such an excuse to justify the break-up…

Lenna: I have a few times, but it is important to remember that every split-up is sad, and in such a situation – especially to the other side.

Triinu: There has never been such a situation. If there is something wrong in the relationship, it is up to both sides and it is not worth taking it upon yourself.

Source: sky.ee