On July 15th, Vanilla Ninja visited ETV’s show “Ringvaade” to talk about their reunion and promote the newest, already second, comeback single, “No Regrets”. Lenna, Piret and Katrin joined the host in the studio in Tallinn, while Triinu connected with them via a video call from Switzerland.
The girls’ showed a sneak-peek of the new music video to “No Regrets” and shed some light on the band’s plans and work.
Among the points made during the conversation were:

  • When asked whether they had come back to stay, Katrin answered that they were planning to stick around for at least 5 years (or hopefully even more, according to Piret).
  • It turns out Piret was the one that took it upon herself to invite Triinu back into Vanilla Ninja for the reunion. The first arrangements were made during a phone call.
  • The girls had been considering the comeback for a long time and finally, in 2019, they decided the time was right. Had they not made up their minds then, the plan would have remained only a loose idea.
  • How is the current Vanilla Ninja different from the band from 13 years ago? In Katrin’s opinion, the biggest difference is their music – there are some great, more peaceful tracks in their current repertoire that stand in contrast to the energetic rock songs she was originally expecting.
  • The first single was produced in a typical Vanilla Ninja style, with a touch of retro sound and a video full of windblown hair. However, Lenna stated that the next songs would be certainly surprising – possibly as much for the fans, as they were for the band.
  • The group plan to not only use the nostalgia to lure their loyal fans back but also hope to find new listeners thanks to the new material.
  • As Piret and Lenna participated in writing the lyrics to “No Regrets”, they were able to explain the thought behind the song. The idea was to write the words as if they were directed to a little girl. While preparing the lyrics, Lenna thought of what would she have liked to tell her younger self about the world from her current perspective.