Vanilla Ninja will not participate in Eurovision again: this event’s time has passed.
Members of Vanilla Ninja, Lenna Kuurmaa and Piret Järvis-Milder, were guests on Raadio Sky Plus’ morning broadcast “Hommikuprogramm”, where they talked about Vanilla Ninja’s reunion and why the band had decided to break up years ago and come together again now.
Andi [one of the show’s hosts – ed.] and Lenna share a lot of memories, for example, they hosted a request show together [“Soovisaade”, back in 2007 – ed.]. Mari [Hommikuprogramm’s second host – ed.] immediately decided to test Lenna’s knowledge to see if she remembered anything from those times. We did all kinds of interesting things with Andi, we even had a club experience. – says Lenna. Andi recalls that Lenna and his wife were once at a maternity ward at the same time, with Andi’s child being born only a day earlier.
Vanilla Ninja and David Brandes’ paths diverged years ago simply because their visions did not go hand in hand. We parted ways with David, we changed the record label, our visions did not go together. By our side, we found people who cheered on and encouraged us and said that our ideas were also good. Near the end, it was hard to say a word to David because he was the boss. In David’s example, one man did everything. Every area needs a specialist in their field to make the whole better, and we decided it was time to split up.
The girls wanted to contribute more to the creative process but felt it was not possible with David at that time. We wanted to be more involved in the creation. To not only be the performers but write on our own as well. This was the main reason we broke up. We made the next album ourselves and on it, we made the kind of music we wanted. Now we are back and cooperating with David again.
Although the girls still describe David as a person confident in his vision, they can now have their voices heard more. We have actually been talking with him for a few years about doing something. We broke up with a bang and it was tragic for him. The moment we reunited, we were friends. Admittedly, David still is confident in his vision, but we are not giving up that easily now. There has been a lot of clattering, in a good way. – the women explain.
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