At the end of 2018, a former Vanilla Ninja producer David Brandes contacted Lenna, one of the original band members, and came forward with an initial plan for the ninja-girls’ reunion.
After the producer had come up with the plan, Lenna and Piret flew to Germany together to discuss the matter and an agreement was quickly reached. We sang the first demos and decided to go on with it. – said Piret in an interview with Eesti Päevaleht.
The topic of Vanilla Ninja’s reunion had been brought up for several years, but now the plan became reality. However, one of the original band members, Maarja Kivi, will not join the group, and in an interview with, she said that the release of the new album was a big surprise for her. To be completely honest, this new album is also a surprise to me, just like the fact that they are cooperating with David Brandes again. – revealed Maarja.
Shortly after Maarja left the band, Vanilla Ninja signed for a new record label, but the two record companies could not come to a consensus on the copyrights, and during the long litigation, the band’s activities got suspended and eventually resulted in a split up. It is funny, how the world runs. But time heals all wounds. Given the fact that I was not involved this time, I would not expect any cooperation in the nearest future. – added Maarja.