Lauri Mäesepp’s brother Taavi shared a special picture on his Instagram account yesterday. The description delivers joyful news – during the weekend Lenna Kuurmaa said an eternal “yes” to her fiancé.
In the Instagram stories of the wedding guests, you can see the newlyweds dancing, with the smallest member of their family in Lenna’s arms. Lenna, in a beautiful wedding dress, did not shy away from singing at her own wedding. One of the songs, for example, was a calmer version of “Club Kung-Fu”. It seems that the bride’s feet soon got tired, as she threw beautiful white high-heels away and performed barefoot. Of course, she also sang in the beautiful Seto dialect. Among others, also Piret Järvis-Milder accompanied Lenna on stage. Lauri made his appearance as well.
Lenna’s beautiful wedding costume was hand-made by her close friend, tailor Triin Keegi. It was not a wedding dress Lenna had dreamed of for years, but when she started planning the wedding, the musician gathered some inspiration and made sure the dress would match her personal style, taste and the party. I found the options I liked, forwarded them to Triin and we started to figure things out. – says Lenna, adding that she was constantly accompanying the tailor, waiting with excitement for the costume to be finished.
Being the two-piece suit, it can be re-used in the future with the matching upper or lower piece of clothing or used again as a whole. It would be a pity to make a dress that can be worn only once in a lifetime and then leave it hanging in the closet. – says Lenna.
Anne&Stiil’s fashion editor, Karolin Kuusik, brings up the interesting length of the costume. It’s neither too short nor too long. A good choice, if it’s not an ultra-glamorous wedding. – she comments. Additionally, Kuusik also praises the exciting colour scheme of the costume. Beige glowing through the bottom part, white on top. You don’t have to choose just one shade for a wedding dress..

Source: Anne&Stiil, Õhtuleht