Yesterday, Estonian media started posting information about Vanilla Ninja’s long-awaited comeback single “Gotta Get It Right”. One of the main Estonian broadcasters, ERR, shared the following news.

Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja have released a new song “Gotta Get It Right” after a 13-year break.
Last November, Vanilla Ninja announced there were plans to reunite after more than a decade and release new music. “Gotta Get It Right” is released in collaboration with a German music producer and the author of Vanilla Ninja’s two previous international albums, David Brandes.

“I haven’t been so excited and anxious about something for a long time, now that Vanilla Ninja is releasing new music,” band member Lenna Kuurmaa said. “It feels like I’m 17 again and it’s the beginning of the band.”

“Gotta Get It Right” will definitely offer our former listeners a lot of recognition,” Piret Järvis-Milder, band member, added. “I believe those who liked our “Tough Enough” will also love the new song. It has exactly the same 80s synth-rock vibes.”

A video of the song, filmed in early May in Berlin with German director Oliver Sommer, will premiere on Youtube on Friday night.

“Gotta Get It Right” is the first song of the full-length album “Encore” releasing on October 8, which contains 12 new songs. “The new record is stylistically more versatile than our previous one. “Encore” also includes good old Vanilla-like pop-rock, but there will many surprises,” Lenna said.

“For example, “No Regrets” is a beautiful song with Irish folk touches,” Piret Järvis-Milder said. “But the album’s title song “Encore” is something you wouldn’t expect from Vanilla Ninja even in the craziest dreams!”

Vanilla Ninja formed in Tallinn in 2002, the band consisted of Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Järvis-Milder, Katrin Siska and Maarja Kivi. Maarja Kivi left the band in 2003 when she was pregnant. Triinu Kivilaan joined the band in her place.

Source: ERR