The past year brought joyful news to many music lovers – Vanilla Ninja is reuniting and releasing a new album! Piret Järvis-Milder revealed that the band was not ruling out the possibility of taking part in a major event, in which they had already once participated.
ETV2 aired “Eesti Laul” television special, where Egert Milder (Piret’s husband and this year’s Eesti Laul contestant) and Piret were also interviewed. As a member of Vanilla Ninja, Piret took part in national selections for Eurovision Song Contest and went on to represent Switzerland.
The singer revealed that the process of recording new material was already in full swing and the release of the new single was a matter of weeks. The plan is to release the whole album this year. – she said. We have recorded maybe six or seven songs. The first single, I dare think, will be released within the upcoming months. Maybe it’s even a matter of this month.
The singer also stated it could not be ruled out that Vanilla Ninja would reach the Eurovision stage once again. However, this could also mean that the band has considered the idea of participating in other country’s qualifying round and then representing it as the national selection’s winners.