What can be more inspiring than places that arouse our senses; things that speak to our nature, or activities that bring sincere joy? Each of us has established their own favourites throughout their lives, things that make us who we are. Singer Lenna Kuurmaa agreed to share hers.

Most favourite place in the world

My home in Setomaa and Setomaa’s woods. There I feel the greatest peace and silence. And joy. Time is given a completely different meaning. And forest is my favourite source of energy!

Engli lake

The most secluded and farthest place in a corner of Estonia; beautiful place, where soul rests.

Freshly squeezed ginger, lemon and apple shot

Favourite drink in the winter period! In addition to a pretty good taste, it has a nice kick. And what is more, it’s also healthy. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cuddling with children

My favourite activity – I can do it endlessly, because the kids are my favourite people and teachers. And they are the cutest. It gives me a lot of positive energy.


August Künnapuu

My favourite artist. I like his naïve style. And colours! His cats are particular favourites.

Kolm Sibulat

Favourite restaurant, as everything there is just always so tasty!


My favourite colour. Classic, timeless and always beautiful.

Favourite make-up artist Erle Taklai

With Erle, we have been working together for years. In addition to the fact that she has a very good eye, she also has taste. And she is a super sweet person!

End of August and beginning of September

My favourite time of the year is golden autumn. At the same time beautiful and sad, fragile and mature. The end of something, which at the same time means also the beginning.

Tiger’s Eye and amethyst

Tiger’s eye gives energy and amethyst is just my stone!

Source: Buduaar