Lenna had not had a chance to enjoy the full path of school education because of Vanilla Ninja’s rapidly developing career that made her choose between finishing high school and becoming a professional musician. Thankfully for all her fans and admirers, she chose music, leaving her education unfinished.After giving birth to her first daughter Lenna started thinking of going back to school. In an interview for magazine “Pere ja Kodu” in 2017 she said: “The idea came a long time ago, after Ami’s birth. I started googling vocational schools and I found Räpina (Räpina School of Horticulture, red.). I have always liked doing handicraft. At home I felt some inner fire, urging me to try it out, but it quickly burned out. I wanted to weave carpets, make clothes for my children’s dolls, pass those skills on to the girls.”. In another interview she added that she had always been interested in creating something with her own hands, and since her grandmother was a seamstress (in an Estonian sewing company Võit, red.), she felt like sewing and textile handicraft were useful skills to obtain.
She chose Räpina Aianduskool not only because of the curriculum that fitted her interests but also because it was one of the few that offered the course in the form of external studies. Moreover, the school is located only half-an-hour drive from her holiday home in Setomaa, which made it more comfortable for her in case of transportation whenever she had to attend her classes.
After finishing the full 2-years-long course in May, Lenna got to present and defend her final collection, which consisted of hand-made belt bags made from recyclable fabrics. To no surprise, she was awarded the highest note.

The graduation ceremony took place on June 29th in Räpina Aianduskool. Lenna received her diploma while accompanied by her daughters, Ami and Matilda. You can view the photos from the event IN OUR GALLERY.