Who will become Estonia’s next president, after two terms of Toomas Hendrik Ilves being in power? Elections are now coming to an end and there is not much time left until Estonians will have to get used to calling their homeland’s president someone else than Ilves. The ones left on the battlefield are Marina Kaljurand, Siim Kallas, Mailis Reps, Allar Jõks and Mart Helme. But who is preferred by Estonian celebrities?
Many famous Estonians expressed their opinion on the matter, however, it seems they do not share the same point of view. One of the people expressing their opinion was a young singer and a mother of two, Lenna Kuurmaa, who showed her support even on her Facebook wall.
On Thursday’s evening, on her social media account’s timeline she wrote that she supported Marina Kaljurand. She justified it this way: I believe that everyone is good. But my sympathies lie with Marina Kaljurand. My inner feeling tells me that she is a good person. Balanced, calm, radiating and positive. She could be our country’s next president.

Source: Buduaar