Singer Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest of yesterday’s show „Hommik Anuga”, where she also brought her daughter Ami (3), who sang a song „Õnnega koos” with her mommy and bravely answered host’s questions.
Lenna recently released a new single „Õnnega koos”, music to which was composed by her partner Robert Vaigla, and lyrics were written by Lenna herself. Watch a cute video of Lenna and Ami performing the song together HERE.
After the performance, Ami sat with her mother at the studio and peacefully listened to what adults were saying. For Ami, it was the first time being on TV with her famous mother.
As Lenna is celebrating her 31st birthday today, Anu Välba asked tiny Ami what would be the best gift for her mom. The little girl answered sweetly, that flowers.
Ami also said that when she is older, she would surely ride a horse as well, just like her mom in Mongolia. She is not afraid to fall, because mom will hold her tight at the beginning, but later on she will ride so that the ground will shake and dust will fly over her head.

Source: Õhtuleht