A few days ago, Estonian Kanal 2 displayed the first episode of a two-part study „Eesti staarid suure läbimurde ootel”, in which the former Vanilla Ninja vocalist, Lenna Kuurmaa, admitted that ending the co-operation with producer David Brandes was a bad move for the band.

We were very well taken care of after all. We had make-up artists, tour managers and assistants, and there were people for everything. At the beginning, we were not making any money. All the expenses would be just paid for us. When the band reinforced itself, at least from the commercial point of view, our income was decent. We were making more than we do now. – during the show Lenna remembered Vanilla Ninja’s glorious days.

According to Lenna, things started going bad when girls began to think on their own: We thought, maybe we could have better conditions and require more, and we decided to end the co-operation with David Brandes. We had found a new management that took care of us and helped us get a recording contract with EMI Germany. This album didn’t do so well. Then David Brandes appeared again and took EMI to court. In a nutshell, the big argument over rights started between two big fish, and we were just in the middle of it. – said Lenna and admitted that even though EMI eventually won the case, for them there was no point in doing anything because their time had already passed.

Now, looking back at those times, Lenna thinks that leaving David might have been a big mistake. Maybe we should have stayed. EMI, the big company, gave us less than the single individual, who made hay while the sun shone every day. With large companies – there are other examples – it may turn out so, that they sign a deal and artist can mothball this album and nothing else happens.

Source: PUBLIK