“Tujurikkuja” was a sketch comedy series created by Märt Avandi and Ott Sepp, which episodes had been played on ETV on New Year’s Eve for eight years. It became greatly successful, showing life in Estonia in a form of caricature. Two days ago ETV aired the last episode; it ended with a parody version of legendary, patriotic Estonian song “Ei ole üksi ükski maa”, sung by an array of top-notch domestic singers such as Tanel Padar, Liisi Koikson, Eda-Ines Etti or Vaiko Eplik. Lenna, who performed the song earlier at Öölaulupidu in Tartu three years ago, was invited to join this great companion and sing a few re-made verses. You can see the effect in video below.

Tujurikkuja 2015 – Ei ole üksi ükski maa
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