Everything started back in September of 2004, when the first iteration of “Love Ninjas” came up to the world wide web. Today our website is 11 years old!

Throughout the years it has had many iterations. In the past there had been “Vanilla Ninja Corner”. After that it was “NinjaDaily” and “Vanilla Ninja Daily”. In 2008 it was decided that the new version of the website would be called “Love Ninjas”. Since then, we have had 7 different website layouts and today we are introducing the 8th – the one, which main goal is to finally catch up with the latest digital trends. The one, which main focus is usability.

It is the first ever responsive layout for Love Ninjas. This means that from now on it will be a lot easier to be navigated through, whether you are on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. The website layout will adapt to the device you’re currently viewing it with.

Apart from the new layout, we also updated:

  • About Us page;
  • Styling of numerous pages to match the new website layout;
  • News archives (researchers can now go crazy – you can dig through news starting from 2008!);
  • Lyrics, translations, chords & mp3 samples page received a major overhaul;
  • Fixes, visual improvements of Vanilla Ninja and their members’ biographies.

We hope you will like our revamped website. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. In the near future we may surprise you with even more improvements!

Also, we feel obliged to thank everyone, who helped, is helping and will help with our website. Most of all -huge “thank you” to the visitors that still visit us and, of course, to the girls from Vanilla Ninja, for being our never-ending inspiration.
We are the only website left in ENGLISH, and if someday there will be any news of Vanilla Ninja’s comeback – we will be the first to inform you.

Thank you so much for your support,
The Love Ninjas team.

Layout created by NinjaDesigns (Daniel)

P.S. – If you feel fancy, you can even Donate to us. We pay for servers, domains and work for free, so any donations are welcome.