In September Lenna became a brand ambassador for the Estonian branch of Mothercare company. This co-operation has already resulted in a big charity action, during which Lenna visits Mothercare shops and becomes a sales assistant for a few hours at each of them. The whole income gathered by Lenna while working at Mothercare at Ülemiste keskus and Rocca al Mare kesus in Tallinn was already donated to Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja hospital, which is also the place of birth of Lenna’s first daughter, Ami.
The next big event, the children fashion show “Armastan Jõule”, will take place on December 12th 2015 next to the Mothercare shop at Rocca al Mare keskus in Tallinn and Lenna will also be on the spot. To view the pictures from the previous events, go to OUR GALLERY.
By visiting MOTHERCARE ESTONIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE, you can check what items Lenna recommends for children and future mothers.