Because of her summer tour with Vaiko Eplik, Lenna is recently a frequent guest at Estonian radio stations. Two days ago, on July 30th, she gave a short interview during Raadio Uuno’s “Totaalne Suvehommik”. The main subject was obviously her tour “Nelgid Rapunzlile” and co-operation with Vaiko Eplik, but she also spoke about her children, her summer house in Setumaa, and, in connection to her latest photoshoot for Anne&Stiil, appearance and clothes. During the interview she also revealed that she was always surprised, when people decided to bring her gifts after a concert, because all she expected was an applause at most. But, if you really insist on getting Lenna anything, then flowers are the way to go. If you would like to listen to the whole interview, go to RAADIO UUNO’S WEBSITE and click “play” under “30. juuli intervjuu Lenna Kuurmaaga”.