Three weeks ago Raadio 2 „Suvehommik” listeners got woken up by the host Ingrid Peek and the guest-host, Lenna Kuurmaa. One of the subjects of their conversation was Lenna’s motherhod.
Lenna, who had come to the studio at 7 o’clock in the morning, said that every day she woke up at different times. Days are totally different. Sometimes at this hour I am already totally busy and active, with already awaken babies. But today, for example, I have to admit, I was still in a deep sleep stage, when the alarm clock started to ring. – laughed the singer, who at home raises two-years-old Ami and ten-months-old Matilda.
The rhythm of my life is very calm and domestic right now, with the girls. It is very nice. – said Lenna.
Lenna will spend most of this summer at home, however she also has a few surprises planned for music lovers. We have more performances with Vaiko Eplik in August. But apart from that, I will remain a bit quiet.This time passes so quickly, I will manage to come back on stage again too.
Lenna spoke also about her new song „Suvehommik Setumaal”. It is the fruit of her co-operation with her partner, Robert Vaigla. We have been trying to compose songs at home and we will surely continue. When the baby is asleep, on your lap, you can peacefully sing and record. There is no problem at all.
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Source: Õhtuleht