Translation of an article from April 16th 2015

In less than 2 months Lenna Kuurmaa is coming back on stage to play summer concerts with Vaiko Eplik. She also plans to work on her new album next to her two little daughters. I do not want to stay away from singing for too long. – says Lenna. However, she wants to devote most of the time to her daughters.
On March 30th the second daughter was born into Lenna and her partner’s, guitarist Robert Vaigla’s family. Generally, my work schedule has not changed much, because before the birth of the second child we were already performing less than we had a few years ago.– says the singer, who started carefully choosing where to perform already after the birth of her now 2-years-old daughter, Ami. Children are so little and it is so much fun with them. So much, that daddy Robi is the main one playing concerts this summer. – smiles Lenna.
She is returning onto the stage on June 7th in Käsmu, where hers and Vaiko Eplik’s tour „Nelgid Rapunzlile” is set to start. It is not in my plans to perform before June. However, if an offer of an interesting event appears, I do not rule out the possibility that you could see me on stage before June. – performing in public just a few weeks after giving birth to the child is not a problem according to Lenna’s words.
I work on the new album with new power. Now there is obviously a break. I do not dare to promise whether it will be released yet this year or next year in spring.– said Lenna about her short-term plans.
While generally it is not easy to say „no”, then a small child, who requires a lot of care, makes it a lot easier. Really! – said Lenna in the interview for Õhtuleht in November 2013 and confirmed that being at home with a child was a good change in artist’s quick life. The child brings so much freshness and so many new ideas to life.

Singing with Eplik since childhood

Summer months mark over two decades of Lenna sharing the stage with Vaiko Eplik, with whom she was previously singing in the early 90’s at Lasteekraani musikastuudio.
We started singing together, when ETV Children Choir „Ladybug” was established. I was five years old, Vaiko was nine back then. I do not remember exactly how much we interacted, but I knew his name and face, obviously. There were a lot of girls and two boys in the studio, therefore it was easy to remember the boys’ faces.– says Lenna.
Lenna was younger than me, in the toddlers’ group. I remember she had funny curls and a beautiful voice. She sang as a soloist already at the age of five. – praises Vaiko. He also travelled with Lenna to Finland, where they were meant to perform. Vaiko left the choir when he turned eleven. I had voice problems. Vaiko pointed out earlier, that after the problems with his voice, he absolutely had not wanted to sing, but his father convinced him to go and sing under Thea Paluoja’s eye.
Later, singers’ paths crossed when Lenna asked Vaiko to write a few songs for her. He did not agree straight away, but after some time he found out that he had a lot of stuff in his drawer and it would have been a pity to leave them there. – says the singer. In the end, the whole album „Lenna” was born. Vaiko also substituted guitarist Mihkel Raud in Lenna’s band.
Vaiko lifts the curtain on the upcoming performances: We plan to make a song-exchange and we will perform each other’s tracks – I will sing Lenna’s songs and she will sing mine. Lenna reveals that they will also do a few duets.
Viilu Veedla, who organizes these concerts, came up with this cool idea. And obviously I was delighted and immediately wanted to take part in it. – says Lenna. Vaiko agrees that it is the last moment in twenty years to unite voices again.

Source: Õhtuleht