At the end of last year Lenna Kuurmaa started her co-operation with United Motors car dealership. The company granted her with a new MINI car, which exterior was created by a fashion designer Oksana Tandit (you can take a look at the car HERE). They also did an interview with Lenna and you can now read it below.
Ask anyone what is good Estonian music – the most answers: Lenna. Indeed, Lenna Kuurmaa, with a stage name Lenna, for many Estonians embodies what’s best in recent years’ Estonian pop music. Pleasant tunes, which you can loudly sing along to or just hum to yourself, makes Lenna’s creations suitable for people of all ages and musical tastes. Lenna is pop! But Lenna herself just laughs about it a little, in her own, joyful way, and says that instead of singing and creating her own music, her attention is currently paid to children and family. And dreaming.

Many impersonate you with good mood, positivity and joyful spirit. How do you do that, that you are always in good mood?
Positive thinking and faith in good were given to me.

What happiness is to you?
I do not know what is the formula for happiness, but I can say I have followed my intuition and inner voice and tried to move in that direction. I am happy when I am with my family. I am happy when the sun rises and the smell of spring is felt.

How have you evolved as a musician and what has been the most important part of your career so far?
Musicial path develops in an interesting way– I have tried to follow intuition that drove me. Long story short: I started singing when I was two, at the age of four I joined ETV Laulustuudio, when I was sixteen I became a part of a girl band Vanilla Ninja. Later on I started searching for something of my own. My musical path crossed with Vaiko Eplik, the band Lenna was formed and so I go on. I went through all these major points and besides that I have also taken part in countless various projects and other exciting events.

Yours and your partner’s, guitarist Robert Vaigla’s life is steeped in music. What music is to you after all?
Music accompanies us every day. Also our child, two-years-old daughter, now sings the way I imagine I used to when I was little. Without music the world would be a sadder and poorer place to live in. But for me singing is more important than music…

What is your musical taste nowadays?
Now I am almost an everything-listener, but quite critical nevertheless – just some new things I come upon. I love old classics and even older sounds. All kinds of music touch me, apart from techno: it stays strange to me and I do not have any insight in it.

What kind of music do you want to continue making?
I think pop music is a universal collective name for the genre that I will remain in. Sometimes it may get a bit more rock-like, sometimes softer again. I like to experiment and mix different styles: folk, electronic, classical music mixed with pop. Why not!

How does your daily routine look like now – are you more of a mother and a housewife or being a singer and an artist is still the most important role for you?
I am both, but there is nothing more important for me than kids. This change occurs when a woman becomes a mother. Work has its own time and place.

It is a common knowledge that you plan to move to the countryside – Setomaa. What kind of life do you want to start living?
I do not really plan to move to southern Estonia for good. I am a farm owner and with its growth and development I realized that I did not really want to move to the countryside. I greatly admire those, who live in the country, because I think it is much more difficult than living in a city. I myself would like to have both rural and urban areas. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I am happy when I can share my life between them.

What long-time goals have you set in your life?
I think that the greater goal is still to make life better, both for myself and others – to bring joy to people. But I believe my plan may still change and my goals may change, so I cannot comment on it more fundamentally at the moment.

How much time do you spend at the wheel? Do you entrust steering to others gladly or you’d rather always drive yourself?
I like driving and I’d rather drive myself. However, it is not a matter of trust, but simply in our family I am the only one with a driver’s license.

Is the music you listen to in your car any different from this you listen to at home?
I do not listen to music at home – silence is necessary somewhere. Car is the main place where I listen to music.

What album would you recommend to our readers?
Last summer’s hit band Curly Strings. And of course good old The Beatles.

Do you like to sing behind the wheel?
Yes! With children we sing in the car quite a lot, especially during long trips. It all depends on the mood.

How does your creative process look like? Do you regret that you cannot currently devote enough time to it?
I knew there would not be enough time to devote for creation, however, I do not regret anything. You have to wait for the right time or create and adjust your own schedule.

How often do you disappear into the wild and how do you interact with nature? Where can you get the inspiration for new ventures and creative activity from?
I love nature very much and I would like to be out more than during this winter, for example. Nature is very inspiring and always crops up in my lyrics.

Who is the biggest composer of our time?
Vaiko Eplik. Arvo Pärt. Alo Mattiisen.

What do you do, apart from music?
I like to spend time with children and animals, visit the countryside, and also examine or renovate old things. I like handicraft. This spring I became a gardener – I want to go further with it.

A person that has travelled the world certainly knows what suggestions to give on how to go through life cheerfully and happily.
I believe that we get what we give. Therefore, let’s keep a positive mind and remain healthy.

During your travels, have you experienced particularly enlightening moments connected to music or something else?
Yes I have –it is worth to wander around even for that one reason!

When was the last time you zoned out while making music or just dreamed?

What would you like life to still bring to you?
I would like to do something else apart from music and singing, but I have not found that right thing yet. I am waiting, searching and discovering.

Do you have a big dream that you would like to share?
I hope that our children will grow up and live a good life in Estonia.


The first effect of co-operation between United Motors and Lenna could be seen and heard for the first time in winter, at MINI’s newest model presentation. Specially for MINI, Lenna wrote a new song „Leap of Faith”, which premiere took place just among MINI’s friends.

What message does your slow-motion song „Leap of Faith” carry?
I tried to pass on the same message I believe in myself – everything is in our hands!

What is important in your co-operation with United Motors?
I like long-term co-operation projects, loyal and professional partners. As long as we can be useful for each other, the co-operation with United Motors makes sense.

What values does MINI brand carry in your opinion?
MINI is youthful and fashionable, timeless. By youthful I do not only mean free singles in their twenties. MINI suits a family also. And MINI is more fun that other cars!