The author of this dress is my seamstress, Pille Küngas, whom I worked with also before the remaining presidential balls. – says the singer Lenna Kuurmaa about the dress she wore in 2009.
Because Lenna does not really get attached to any dress, she always gives them back to the seamstress, who then puts most of them up for sale. They are only a tad used, as such dress can be worn just once.
Lenna says that dresses for the presidential receptions are very unique and can be worn just once because they always get so much attention. However, we are more in favour of the idea that someone will get the dress if they want.
Lenna and Pille met years ago, when Lenna played in the movie “Kuhu põgenevad hinged” and Pille was a costume designer there. We got on well and Pille has made a lot of glamorous performance dresses for me. Usually Lenna brings her ideas to the seamstress and the final product is the effect of their co-operation.
I come to her with photos that I cut out from magazines. But we never copy everything exactly one to one, we just get some inspiration and combine different things. The final result is still quite different from the original. – laughs Lenna.
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Source: Õhtuleht