Two weeks ago, the singer Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest on a TV show “Lastetuba” and programme’s hosts surprised her with a cool video, which was a recording of Lenna’s “Laulukarussell” performance from 1993. During that concert Lenna sang “Jälle sajab” and talked about how she had taken part in a song contest in Finland and had won a trip to Sweden.
On “Lastetuba” Lenna admitted that she remembered her first gigs, although the memories were hard to maintain because there had been just so many.
She added that when little, she had been a good child, although sometimes also a bit disobedient. Of course not always I did what I was told. I really liked candy and I remember that once I went to my grandma’s kitchen cabinet and there was this huge brown paper bag, full of sugar, and I came to the party just to eat it. – remembers Lenna.
You can watch this whole “Lastetuba” episode HERE and view some pictures in OUR GALLERY.

Source: MENU