We are more than sure that most of you remember Vanilla Ninja’s second keyboardist Stig Rästa, who in the recent years became one of the most successful and recognized music producers in Estonia. Not only was he a keyboardist in Vanilla Ninja, but also co-operated with girls on other different occasions, for example, composing “Like a kid”, which was one of Lenna’s first solo songs. Why are we reminding you of that? The answer is simple. After our last two actions of selling Vanilla Ninja-related equipment being so successful, we got asked by Stig to spread information about his offer around. Interested in owning a keyboard that served a man who stood next to Katrin in terms of creating keyboard-made masterpieces in Vanilla Ninja? Keep reading.

Stig is selling his Nord Electro 3 HP keyboard. It is almost new, used just 6 times.The Electro 3 features a great organ section, fantastic pianos from the Nord Piano Library, Nord Sample Library compatibility, including the possibilty to create your own sample instruments and a selection of extremely versatile effects! The original Electro 3 is available in two different sizes, 61 and 73-key. Both feature our Semi Weighted Waterfall keybed. This is a great set of keys to play organ and pianos with, with light action and low weight (7.65/9.1kg). The Electro 3 HP has all the features of the original Electro 3 but sports a new 73-key Hammer Action Portable keybed, with a classic E-E range and 4 selectable Dynamic Response Curves. Amazingly, the Electro 3 HP only weighs 11 kg, making it the most ultra light weight professional Hammer Action keyboard on the market. For more information visit the producer’s webpage: Nordkeayboards.com .

Price: 1600€
Price of a new keyboard of this kind: 2200€ .
If you are interested in purchasing this extraordinary keyboard (recognized by professional musicians as an excellent piece of equipment), contact us either on info@vanilla-ninja.com, hoozia@hotmail.com, or on Facebook.