To be honest, I have extremely weak nerves while on stage. – admits Piret, who is still associated with the Vanilla Ninja band by many. I get myself into swivet before all public appearances, and it feels like ground is shaking under my feet, heart is trying to jump out of my chest and I immediately start feeling like I am going to faint. It is every single time that I feel like this. The stage has never been a place for me, in that case I would say that I never felt at home there.
Piret started singing at the age of three and now she sits in a chair for most of her working time, as she shows her face to the nation as a host of the TV program “Pealtnägija”.
Piret feels she got a bit rusty as a guitarist, even though Vanilla Ninja has never split up officially. We have not given any farewell concert yet, and we continue to exist in a form of our ice cream.

Source: PUBLIK