Two months ago Bruce Atkinson did a Moonland-themed interview with Lenna Kuurmaa for a Canadian website Castanet. Read it below to find some more information about Lenna’s input in the Moonland project, Vanilla Ninja and a few other interesting aspects.

If you read my interview with the President of Frontiers Records, you will recall that we talked about some unique future projects that he was putting together. Serafino has an uncanny talent of putting musicians together that would otherwise not get the opportunity of creating together, and this is one of those situations…Lenna Kuurmaa is a spirited singer, and found success in the group Vanilla Ninja as well as being a TV Personality in her home of Estonia. Alessandro Del Vecchio is a legend in European Melodic Rock, as a keyboardist, vocalist, and songwriter—and arranger. Serafino saw an opportunity to uplift the profiles of both Artists and “Moonland” was born! I caught up with Lenna in September, and we talked about this fantastic new project…

First, congratulations on this new musical adventure… Would it be correct in thinking that you are kind of re-launching your singing career with Moonland?

Well on the international music market yes- but otherwise no. I have been doing music since I remember and some time after Vanilla Ninja I started my own band called “Lenna” which is very successful here in my homeland Estonia. We have given out 2 albums and working on our third one.

Knowing your past efforts, with Vanilla Ninja, and now, your involvement with Frontiers Records, and Alessandro Del Vecchio… Are you in a more comfortable and creative place?

I can’t really compare those two-Moonland and Vanilla Ninja. The situations and the purpose of those projects are totally different. Vanilla Ninja was our band that we started and created from the beginning. Moonland is a project which came to life because of Frontiers Records. They had this idea to do this kind of album with me.

Speaking of Mr. Del Vecchio, I have just finished a brief article on “Mother Road”, and in it I referred to Alessandro being in such demand with so many Artists… How in the world did you get his attention!?

I don’t know… I am very happy that I did though. I guess we can only thank Frontiers Records. Alessandro is so talented and a great person. I am very happy and thankful he worked with me and produced Moonland’s album!

This new release, “Moonland”, seems to be the perfect vehicle for your Talents. Obviously a very pleasant experience for you and the assembled musicians you worked with. Did this project bring you together with some that you would not have thought possible in the past?

Yes sure. I never thought I would give out an album together with an Italian rock label and I never thought I would record an album in Milano. As I told you in the first question-I have been working in Estonia for last several years. This new international project for me is very interesting!

If I may, what does Lenna Kuurmaa expect to come out of this project? Are we seeing a brand new band, one that will continue to create and play live?

We had our first live show in Milano already, this year in May, at the Frontiers Festival. It was a great experience. I do hope we get to play many live shows all over Europe. And maybe also Japan and America…I do hope AOR fans all over the world will find Moonland’s record.

“Moonland” is such an exquisite collection of music, did you push your own boundaries during the recording of this record?

We found a good way together with Ale, we did not have to fight.

Are Vanilla Ninja still in business?

L: Vanilla Ninja is long time not anymore in business, I guess almost 10 years…

How was that time? Did you enjoy? Do you miss the band?

It was a super crazy time in my life, we were 16 years old when we started with Vanilla Ninja. So you can imagine how different I look at things now (laughs). But I must say it is a time I never want to forget. Vanilla Ninja made me who I am today. It also gave me much belief that everything is possible – when you really want! That is so true! Vanilla Ninja was the best thing that could happen to us. At the moment I see that it is good it also ended… Everything has a reason and has its time. Vanilla Ninja’s time was over and it opened new doors.