A week ago Lenna was a guest on Raadio Uuno’s morning show “Totaalne Ärkamine” (eng. Total Awakening). It was her first radio interview after a really long time, if phone interviews are left out of consideration.
Among other things Lenna spoke about:

  • Her present activities – after being asked what was she up to these days, Lenna needed a moment to actually come up with an answer (she even asked herself a question “What am I currently doing…?”). She admitted that she had not been doing much lately, spending most of her time at home, but generally there is always something she is involved with.
  • Moonland’s debut album – Lenna once again stated that it was not a record she could call “hers”;  it was just a project that she “lent” her voice to. It turns out that when Frontiers Records approached her with “Moonland”, they already had a full idea on how everything should have looked and sounded like, because they wanted to create a European version of the famous American band “Heart” – no decision was dependent from her, she could just choose whether she was going to sing a particular song or not. If she speaks of her band, her album, etc. , she always means “Lenna”, because this is the only project that she is fully devoted to.
  • Her co-operation with Frontiers Records – When Frontiers Records contacted her about recording an album together, she had absolutely no idea what kind of record company were they, and she had to do a quick research, during which she found out that they were really well-known worldwide. Lenna also admitted that originally she had not believed that anyone would have wanted to listen to this kind of music, and she had been extremely surprised, when she had got to know how popular melodic rock actually was, especially in North America and Japan. All in all, she is happy she could be a part of this project, because she likes challenges, and “Moonland” was a challenge and a new role for her.
  • Interviews – Lenna said that she had already given multiple interviews to big rock magazines from Japan, USA, and Germany.
  • New CD by “Lenna” – Lenna, together with other members of her band, is already preparing material for her third solo album. She believes it will be released soon.

You can listen to the whole show HERE – interview starts about 35:40 min. , and “Heaven is to be close to you” is played about 43:42 min. Moreover, you can view a picture from the studio in OUR GALLERY.