Last week ETV aired the show “Tõuse ja sära”, which was their first program from the series “Saatejuhtide vahetus” (eng. “Hosts exchange”). Among the show’s guests there was Lenna Kuurmaa, whom Andres Kuusk got to ask about how she managed to reconcile her career with raising up a child, how her latest project had come to life, and what was the story behind Mihkel Raud’s disappearance from Lenna’s band.
Lenna revealed that her attitude towards being a parent had changed: The birth of Ami has only changed me, as a person, for the better. All worries and dangers are every parent’s fears. I believe I am not the only one.
To the question, whether her daughter also had a loud singing voice, Lenna answered laughing: Very loud.
Concerts and rehearsals are managed by Lenna really well: I do not have a work schedule from nine to six, or any certain work days, so that I would have to go to work every morning. I get to be with the child for quite a long time. I think I will sign her up for kindergarten when she herself wants to go. I would not say it is hard for a musician.
I am glad I have such life that I get to spend a lot of time with my child. There are concerts, but I turned them aside, when the child was born. Now it is getting more active, since Ami is already bigger. – said Lenna. As her partner (Robert Vaigla) is also a musician, they can adjust childcare to their life: When I was having a concert, then father was at home with the baby. This way I do not have to sacrifice a lot.
Lenna spoke also about her newest CD, which had been released in Europe, North America and Japan, and she also mentioned that she had already given mutliple interviews to rock magazines.
The singer stated that it was not her own album, but in fact just a project she had been invited to by the Italians. Currently she continues with her own activities, and is already preparing a new CD. Also Lenna’s autumn and winter concert schedule is really tight.
But where is Mihkel Raud?
Very good question. I myself am also asking: Where is Mihkel Raud? The thing with Mihkel is that he is so busy all the time. It made us feel like… morons. In front of every audience we had to tell the same story that “Today we have a substitute guitarist…”. Since he is getting involved in politics, like many others, then he will not have time for it. Currently his place is taken by Pent Järve. – explained the singer.
However, there is no conflict between them: I did not have a chance to get into a conflict with Mihkel.

Source: Õhtuleht