A rock album “Moonland featuring Lenna Kuurmaa”, released by the well-known Italian record label Frontiers Records, had entered the European market a week ago. Soon after, the album, that includes a dozen of English-language, melodic rock songs recorded in Milan, reached shop shelves in North America and Japan.
Frontiers Records, which most recent releases include the newest albums from Yes, Uriah Heep or Asia, contacted Lenna last year. During the recording of the TV show “Tõuse ja sära”, that took place on September 10th, the singer admitted that she had been very surprised, and sceptical at first, when the Italians had revealed that they had wanted to record an album with her.
After taking a closer look at the record label’s background, she took the bull by the horns: Such opportunities are offered to Estonian vocalists very rarely.
Lenna stated that the album she had recorded with Moonland should have not be really called “hers”: I am just a voice in this project. Music came from them, I did not participate in the process of composing the songs.
As a solo artist she does not plan to come back to the rock image she had in Vanilla Ninja times.
In April, Lenna told ERR’s portal MENU that she did not believe that she would have to choose between two projects in the future: I think there is room for both. I am sure I have credentials to do both, and I have a right to do both.
She also confirmed, that she would not move to Italy: I have been there a lot of times, and maybe it will be necessary to go there again in the future. – she said. In May Lenna could be seen performing at the “Frontiers Rock Festival” in Milan.
Moonland studio line-up consists of Alessandro del Vecchio, who is a keyboardist, percussionist, and a backing vocalist; guitarists Francesco Marras and Bruce Gaitsch; bass-player Anna Portalupi and a drummer Alessandro Polifrone.

Source: Õhtuleht