Due to the fact that there are only 19 days left to the release of Moonland’s debut album “Moonland”, we decided to present you a little interview with Riccardo Bernardi – a photographer and videomaker responsible for Moonland’s first outstanding PHOTOSHOOT and videos to “Heaven is to be close to you”, “Open your heart” and “Live and let go”, which are to be published in the nearest future. We asked Riccardo a few questions about his co-operation with Lenna, and a few other things.

What was your impression of Lenna, when you met her for the first time?
I met Lenna for the first time on Skype, while I was in Berlin, and she was recording in Italy. Right away I had a really good impression of her, she seemed really sweet, and at the same time rock-ish and determined; a real professionalist.

How did your co-operation with Moonland look like?
I was really happy when Alessandro Del Vecchio asked me to film Lenna’s music clips and to do a photoshooting with her, i was astonished by her amazing voice.

Where did you take the inspiration for the videos from? What did you want to show in and/or through them?
The videos themselves are more kind of ‘mood’ videos, in which we underlined the dynamics of the songs with movements, lights and different points of views.

What was your idea behind the Moonland’s photoshoot? What did you want to enhance in the pictures?
I wanted to show the rock and fashionable side of Lenna, with the help of the make-up artist Gergana Tihova, and with the use of clothes (‘powered’ vintage denim items) made for us by the Italian label ACUS.

How would you describe Lenna at work, using just 3 words?
Professional. Talented. Rock.

Were there any funny or memorable moments during your work with Lenna?
We had a lot of fun altogether, during all the days. For one video, Lenna had to sing double and half the time, in order to obtain a particular effect in postproduction, and she did it brilliantly, of course, but it was indeed really funny to listen to the song in that way for all of us.

Are there any plans for the future co-operation between you and Moonland?
I do hope there will be new occasions to work with her, I am looking forward to the next photoshoot!

What is your personal opinion about Moonland’s music?
It’s a great album and I absolutely love Lenna’s voice!

What did Lenna say when she saw ready pictures and videos?
She was really happy (and so were we, as well).