In November last year Lenna moved with her family for a little while to Italy to record all the vocal parts to Moonland’s debut album “Moonland”. Because all the tracks are said to be ready, Frontiers Records finally decided to reveal the album’s release date. CD will reach stores on September 19th 2014 in Europe and September 23rd 2014 in North America.
Lenna herself says: I am excited to see how this new international project will turn out and where will it lead me to. Musically Moonland is more adult oriented compared to Vanilla Ninja but both have strong melodic rock melodies! It will be interesting to see which songs will reach the audience more than the others.
Also the official CD cover is already known and you can view it in our GALLERY and in the news’ thumbnail. Album’s official tracklist is as follows:


1. Heaven Is to Be Close to You
2. Open Your Heart
3. Crime of Love
4. Poison Angel
5. When Love Is Gone
6. Out of Reach
7. Live and Let Go
8. Cold as Ice
9. Over Me
10. Heart Made of Steel
11. Look at Us Now
12. Another Day in Paradise

Moonland’s studio line-up is: Lenna Kuurmaa – lead vocals; Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals; Francesco Marras – guitars; Bruce Gaitsch – nylon guitar; Anna Portalupi – bass; Alessandro Polifrone – drums.
Moonland’s live line-up is: Lenna Kuurmaa – lead vocals; Robert Vaigla – guitars; Reigo Ahven – drums; Tõnis Kivisild – bass; Madis Muul – keyboards.